Ca Marche 2


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ÇA MARCHE ! 2 expertly provides everything you need for Junior Cycle French. Written by experienced teachers, this package provides the perfect blend of innovation and trusted methods, leading to the various forms of assessment.

  • Each unit opens with an overview of what students WILL LEARN BASED ON THE LEARNING OUTCOMES. Students reflect on this at the end of the unit through ‘CAN DO’ STATEMENTS
  • Students can self-assess throughout the learning using the OBJECTIFS, allowing them to seek help or share their success
  • Each unit has corresponding MON PORTFOLIO tasks and activities, so students can apply what they have learned
  • Every unit provides support, exercises and assessment, so students can learn to SPEAK IN A REALISTIC MANNER
  • Each unit ends with a BILAN DE L’UNITÉ, as well as class discussion questions promoting reflection on the five areas of language learning
  • PRONONCIATION panels emphasise sound, pronunciation and spelling patterns to build confidence, enjoyment of language and get students speaking
  • ASTUCES boxes encourage students to reflect on language, its style, its patterns and its sequencing
  • FRENCH CULTURE has been woven throughout the book. VIDEOS AND VIDEO BLOGS throughout give first-hand experience of French teenagers speaking the language in different contexts, while photo stories of French culture bring to life the key ideas and topics
  • À VOUS DE JOUER sections include DRAMA, GAMES, SONGS AND POEMS to allow students to be active participants in their learning and to have fun doing it
  • With opportunities in every unit to integrate DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES, students are exposed to a VARIETY OF PRESENTATION MODES