Premiers Pas 2 (Pack)


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Premiers Pas 2 follows the new specification for Junior Cycle French, providing an exciting opportunity to modernise how young learners experience the French language for the first time.

  • Consolidates work covered in Premiers Pas 1 through integrated revision exercises.
  • Embraces the three strands of the Junior Cycle Specification: Communicative competenceLanguage awareness and Sociocultural knowledge and intercultural awareness.
  • Integrates all five language skills (listening, reading, spoken production, spoken interaction, writing) consistently.
  • Introduces vocabulary and grammar points through an integrated communicative approach. Students discover rules and patterns, while the Carnet de vocabulaire et grammaire enables them to document what they have learned.
  • Focuses on specific elements of French pronunciation, supported with exercises, images, video and audio recordings.
  • Incorporates Assessment for Learning techniques.
  • Provides a Student Learning Record. Mon passeport de classe aids self-directed learning.
  • Adopts an active student-centred approach, with linked station work, games, pair and group work.
  • Focuses on famous figures from the French-speaking world through the Qui suis-je ? feature.
  • Emphasises cultural and intercultural content through Fiches Découvertes and independent seasonal Dossiers.
  • Reflects modern communication (emails, messages, social media, video blogs).
  • Uses a variety of oral and written assessment techniques, both formative and summative. Les défis allow students to develop a multimedia portfolio of work, while working together to develop critères de succès.
  • Prepares students for real-life situations from the French-speaking world through the integrated revision feature Dans la vie de tous les jours at the end of each unit.