Savings Club

Summer months are filled up with super summer camps, amazing activities and fun family time, All of this can add up to a pretty penny and topping this off with school list(s) can lead to financial strain on a household. Nobody looks forward to that dreaded day when the school list comes home. The sudden realisation of exactly how much is required for the following year can be overwhelming.

While we understand the importance of having the right materials at the start of the school year, we hate to see people trimming the fun stuff from their summer budgets. For this reason, we would like to invite you to come and join our Back to School Savings Club. As they say ‘look after the pennies and the school books will look after themselves’ ….. or something like that. Pay as little or as much as you want, as regularly as you want. Build it up so you won’t have the sudden expense of a heavy school list. Payments can be redeemed at any stage on any item in the store. Here is a breakdown of the typical cost of a school list, however, the costs vary depending on the requirements of both the school and the teacher.

So get saving and when the school list comes around it won’t come as such paper writing help a shock. You may even have it all paid up, which only means one thing. Ice cream all round!!!